How it works?

Preparation of the package - brunch for a couple
This is how it can be at your home ;)
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     Choose the segment you want to order from:

    • Brunch to bed (prepared packages) - if you wish to endow your close one with a romantic brunch including a gift card placed in a gift basket, this is a perfect choice.
    • Business brunch (prepared packages) - if you want to relish your colleagues' or business partner's morning and send them brunch in a gift paper bag
    • Tailored brunch - if you prefer to mix your own brunch according to your taste or you need breakfast for more people (company catering)

    (For the time being, the service is available only in Bratislava and the near periphery)

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    Once you have chosen your Brunch you may pick any additional product and write your own personal message.

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    Complete the order (by 12 p.m. of the previous day) and choose a payment method, delivery date and time (usually between 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.), or as requested.

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    All you have to do now is wait for your delivery, after which you can fully enjoy your Brunch or see the response of the one you ordered if for, without even having to get up from bed :-)