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Imagine crispy crust silently cracking in your fingers. The smell you can't get rid of for the rest of your day. And dough that toys with your taste-buds and leaves the headlong in love.  Naglreiter bread promises all this. The best thing about it is, that your body doesn't have to pay for such bliss. Naglreiter namely selects the feedstock into their products with Austrian preciseness using no pre-frozen products, substitutes or needless additives. As a matter of principle, all the pastry is hand-made expressing their love towards craft. Their commitment to excellence is confirmed by the 2006 Organic Certification. It guarantees exclusive use of products only from the Lake Neusiedl region, just a stone's throw from Bratislava. You'll find a piece of Austrian grain in almost every package of ours. 



Have you come across this feeling when you cast about for a 100% juice in a store? Looking at the labels, glowering at the boxes standing erected in a row, you worry that although the juices are 100% they are only from a 100% concentrate at the most. We know this feeling way too well, and that's why we carefully pick this best real juice. McCarter juices belong to those, which make you blissfully close your eyes  making sure not a milliliter escapes your attention. It's an art to fully enjoy even good juice. No sugar, except for that found in the fruit, the inimitable. No footprint of artificial agents, just insistent desire to keep drinking more and more. You body craves for juice especially in winter  owing to the fact,  that packed in TetraPacks the juice retains most vitamins and natural substances. 


Jana mineral water

You should drink at least one glass of water every morning as recommended by physicians and specialists in the field of digestive health. We care about your  good shape and so we put a bottle of mineral water Jana into each package for FREE. Jana is a 100% natural mineral water from Croatia (McCarter - importer) and is proud to be „one of the best waters in the world“. This time, it is not a sin to succumb to temptation and have yourself drawn in its flavored version. Jana water does not contain preservatives, artificial colors, sweeteners or artificial aroma and acclaims reduced amount of sugar.



Squeeze is a company playing not only with our tastes, but also our fantasy. Their gorgeous creations catch the eye and pamper your tummy. They fear neither experiments nor exploring new magnificent combinations that swing your senses. Recall how ripe sweet fruit from you granny's garden tasted, all full of flavor and juice . You  will certainly remember once you try their salads...



So far we have heard many abutting myths about muesli; such as they are unhealthy, you do not loose weight, etc. To restore the good old status of healthy breakfast, these facts encouraged young people from Mixit to create truly healthy and tasty muesli. So no tins, no artificial coloring agents, no sweeteners, but above all, no glutamate! Instead, all these are replaced by nuts and unique mixture of freeze dried fruit, which through this processing retains all the nutrients. It is confirmed by the company being proud holder of the CEFF Certificate. The best thing about all this?  They taste great! It's great to be addicted to healthy diet. Try it!


J. J. Darboven

Did you know that pyramid shaped tea backs are not only beautiful, but they help tea develop its taste richness?  We learnt this and many more things from J.J. Darboven, the Bio EILLES distributor of the tea, some of the finest tea for discerning lovers of this mysterious drink, because they really understand their work and love it almost as much as we love the traditional English style black tea served with honey and milk (recommended). It is in fact an interesting alternative of morning coffee. Never mind, if you are a die-hard coffee lover,  we bore you in mind as well. Therefore, we have organic coffee packs in our portfolio and first class hot espresso (Covim), which is made right on the spot. 



Hollandia  yoghurts symbolize what was originally intended by organic  movement.  Fine whipped yogurt wraps your tongue in velvet and tickles taste-buds with soft acids so typical of plain yogurt. Live yoghurt culture can certainly fit into the music with your stomach and help it fight many difficult battles. Hollandia steers clear of all artificial coloring agents or stabilizers, lets in only cane sugar and tempting fruit bits taken in large number. 
They are close to eco-culture which is the fact, that was confirmed by KlasA award in 2005 obtained from the Minister of Agriculture, or Green point from EKO-KOM company. And while enjoying the yoghurt, you, the curious ones, can check out  on their website how they milk their cows or their cows graze :)


ALPHA chocolate DP

For those who have a sweet tooth or like to express their affection to other people, we have a solution – the Slovak hand-made luxury chocolate. Get a charge out of real fragrance, taste and all senses found in the genuine chocolate of sensational design made from cocoa beans of the best quality. ALPHA chocolate will convince you, that even Slovaks can make chocolate, and while toying with the taste and design, they eventually dig out a treasure like true alchemists. Since we get swept off our feet by healthier dark chocolate containing dried fruit we include it into our packages. Understanding, however, can also be found for those who love milk and white chocolate. Treat yourself with chocolate, your life will be sweeter. :)



We, brunchers, love food not only for its taste, but also for its great appearance. To satisfy your appetite that will appeal to all your senses including the sight, we decided to put every brunch from the “Brunch to Bed” segment into a lovely wicker basket which gives this special occasion the Provence kick. The baskets from Vrbovnica sheltered workshop, are made by the hands of those, whose lives are a bit more difficult than ours. So besides enjoying the tasty food, you'll feel good about yourselves having done a good thing. And best of all – you can keep the basket to remind you of the morning when somebody brought you Brunch straight to bed. :)



Let's face the truth – nothing can cover up your socks dropped all over the place or beer with friends better than a bouquet of gorgeous flowers. Since we already know the secret, you have a chance to add a velvet rose or a breathtaking bouquet to your Brunch. That's icing on the cake! Original creations made by Kvetynet company guarantee that your spouse will forget all your sins, the past and the future ones. The rest is up to you! :)


Republika ZAAPO - Zaapo.sk

The MonVin and Rice companies got carried away with passion to wine so much, that they decided to establish a new republic – the Republic of Experiences and Delight naming it magically – zaapo.sk. It is wine that determines the rhythm of life and becomes its sense in their ideal world. They devote their time to selecting best wines taking primarily into consideration Slovak products. We know the world looks better looking at it through a wine goblet, especially provided it is full of this dazzling drink. Therefore, we offer wonderful wines, organic wines or champagne made by zaapo.sk Republic, to enhance the enjoyment of your brunch and tune you up for the next day, as exceptional as the wine in the glass.