Our philosophy


Ever since we came up with the idea, we have been trying to build a friendly and individual approach with each one of you offering you something more than just good food. When selecting the goods we focus on the best quality, freshness and healthy products rather than the lowest price or specials. We believe there are more and more people who care about their health and think before they eat. We are happy you are part of them.
Besides quality, fresh and tasty products we picked carefully in order to know what we offer, we also want to endow you with an experience and fun.
We will be happy to see you mixing your own brunch (the packages are so rich, they will fill you for entire morning), being excited about its delivery or seeing the presentee's response, but more importantly becoming one of us – The Brunchers and keeping our Decalogue. Ain't it great to have the morning only for yourself while others are dealing with everyday morning rush?
Feel free to make any comments or suggestions to improve our service. We depend on your wishes, therefore, do not be ashamed to share them with us. We'll do anything to make them come true. We hope that our morning smile will be contagious and make your day, no matter what awaiting you.


Main advantages of Bruncher.sk

Delivery daily from 8 a.m. - 12 p.m., or upon request

Pastry by Austrian supplier

Plenty of organic and handmade products

Always FRESH – made the morning of delivery