Our story

Story of BRUNCHER began one difficult morning of my maternity leave, when my son dragged me out of bed nagging for breakfast. While making breakfast for my family, I got upset about no-one being around to make breakfast for ME.


Since my husband is very understanding(yes there are some of this kind, at least once in a while:)), he got up next morning a little earlier to bring me breakfast straight to bed. Let me tell you it was a priceless experience! The atmosphere was so charming that it got us thinking how to do it so that neither of us would have to get up. I am sure you know well with such mornings. Mornings you would kill for having someone bring you breakfast. Looking at our 2 year old we realized we would have to wait some time (if so), so we started looking for similar service on the Internet. Vain effort, though.


And this is when we came up with an idea, which we further worked out. We wanted to bring an opportunity to others to be able to enjoy their morning without stress and empty stomach. The idea was not to become just a delivery company. The aim is to offer you a chance to feel special through breakfast/brunch delivery to bed or to the office, or to surprise your close one with a nice and tasty gift. Just like in movies.


Today, there is such a company and we are really excited about it. We hope, it will soon make you excited as well.