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Zlatý Bažant 10%, beer – can
Price: 0,70 €
without VAT: 0,58 €
Weight: 0.5l

With its convenient packaging and lower level of alcohol this world-famous Slovak beer is just perfect for trips in the nature, picnics, at the cottage and other use – like hair of the dog after a heavy hangover.

Restart – a hangover remedy bag

Restart remedy cure is a nutritional supplement which puts you back up on your feet after a big meal or hangover and supplements you with essential energy for a new day. Fine lemon flavored cure reduces the acidity of digestive fluid, helps to digest food and supplements liquids. Easily prepared it guarantees immediate results enabling you to see the world with sober eyes again.

Price: 0,40 €
without VAT: 0,33 €
Weight: bag for a 200ml drink

acidity regulator - sodium bicarbonate 1.63g, acid: tartaric acid 1.37g, citric acid, sweetener – sorbitol acesulfame K, natural lemon aroma

Maggi chicken soup in a mug

Less healthy variation of instant chicken soup with noodles(FREE of monosodium glutamate). Don't cook, just pour hot water over. Ideal to pamper your tummy after a hangover. Convenient especially at work for you to rejuvenate your productivity and hide any signs of last night.

Price: 1,00 €
without VAT: 0,83 €
Weight: 2 x 12g

semolina pasta 33% (flour from durum, turmeric), maltodextrin, iodized salt, potato starch, dried vegetables (carrot, parsley, celery), dried chicken meat 3% (chicken meat, iodized salt, rosemary extract), hardened vegetable oil (vegetable fat,stabilizer:sunflower lecithin), aroma(contains eggs), sugar, yeast extract, vegetable oil, chicken fat 1.3 %, vegetable protein hydrolyzator, turmeric, acidity regulator (citric acid), coloring agent (riboflavin).

Bio chicken soup - Alnatura
Price: 1,60 €
without VAT: 1,33 €
Weight: 38g (for 0,5l soup = 2 plates)

pasta (semolina from durum), sea salt, yeast extract, chicken meat powder 3.3 %, carrot 3.2 %, raw cane sugar, leek 2.2 %, onion 1.3 %, pepper 0.7 %, garlic, chicken fat 0.1 %, spices, turmeric, rosemary.

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