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Organic spelt wholemeal bread
Price: 3,80 €
without VAT: 3,17 €
Weight: 600g

70% organic spelt wholemeal flour, 20% organic rye flour, water, organic rye wholemeal leaven, organic spelt flakes, organic potato flakes, organic sunflower seeds, organic sugar, iodized salt

Organic bread with pumpkin seeds
Price: 3,70 €
without VAT: 3,08 €
Weight: 500g

70% organic rye flour, 30% organic wheat flour, organice rye meal, organic pumpkin seeds, water, iodized salt, yeast

Organic rye bread
Price: 3,90 €
without VAT: 3,25 €
Weight: 950g

100% organic rye flour, water, iodized salt, yeast, organic natural leaven

Carrot bread
Price: 3,10 €
without VAT: 2,58 €
Weight: 400g

70% rye flour, 30% wheat flour, millet, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, bread additives, iodized salt, leaven, yeast, freshly grated carrot

Lenten bread
Price: 3,00 €
without VAT: 2,50 €
Weight: 500g

50% rye flour, 50% wheat flour, water, spelt flakes, natural leaven, iodized salt, wheat sprouts barley malt, soya meal, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, wheat aleurone, whey powder, spelt meal, no yeast

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