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Zlatý Bažant 10%, beer can - 0.5l
Price: 0,70 €
without VAT: 0,58 €
Weight: 0.5l

With its convenient packaging and lower level of alcohol this world-famous Slovak beer is just perfect for trips in the nature, picnics, at the cottage and other use – like hair of the dog after a heavy hangover.

Organic coconut milk

Organic coconut mils is a mixture of fresh water and meat of organically grown coconuts. They are processed immediately after harvest, and bottled in country of origin, Thailand. This is a guarantee for high quality and exceptional taste. Bio Coconut Milk contains lauric acid and many microelements in traces, which are preserved by gentle processing. In order to maintain this, it is recommend to use it raw or add it at the end of cooking.

Price: 4,20 €
without VAT: 3,50 €

coconut extract (99,65%), guar gum-emulsifier (0,35%) - organic farming

Organic milk skimmed 1l
Price: 1,40 €
without VAT: 1,17 €
Weight: 1l

This organic milk from the High Tatras is produced on certified eco farms within the eco agriculture meeting the strictest rules and regulations for organic dairy production. Fat 1,5 % minimum.

Honey Nature Product 15g
Price: 0,30 €
without VAT: 0,25 €
Weight: 15g

This small convenient packaging of Slovak quality honey will add your tea naturally sweet and nice flavor.

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