Why register ?

  • Bruncher.sk offers an opportunity to order the goods without even being registered. However, if you decide to register you will immediately get some benefits.
  • First of all you will get rid of annoying data fill out of every order. All the data (subject to Protection of Privacy) will already be filled out once you log in, so you can freely focus on your order.
  • You will have an overview of what order you had in the past and you can only recall that menu which you like the most.
  • You personal calendar is, hovever, the best benefit owing to which you will not have to remember all the birthdays and name days of your close ones. We will make sure to remind you. An alert will be send to you well in advance for you to think over how to surprise your loved one this year. Make sure you enter important dates into the calendar right after having completed the registration. Drop you worries. From now on you will never forget your mother-in-law's birthday :)

Ten Commandments of Bruncher

Every good bruncher should know our Ten Commandments

Download Ten Commandments of Bruncher