Who's a Bruncher?


BRUNCHER – is a person who renders homage to Brunch and relishes for tasty food in the morning (for which the body rewards him/her). You don't know what Brunch is? Let's give you a hint – just think of English words for breakfast and lunch and put them together. There you go! Still nothing? OK then, in plain English: BReakfast and lUNCH = BRUNCH! They know it well overseas, and we know it here in the heart of Europe as well.

However, it is not a competition to our „snack“. On the contrary! Brunch puts breakfast and lunch into one bag (basket in our case).

We are sure you know this situation – you wake up a little later than usually after a heavy night oversleeping breakfast, and yet lunch is not even round the corner. Or you want to enjoy your breakfast longer, but since you have company you are in no rush...

Or your boss wants to see you right after you enter the building (does not work vise versa:)) and would like to ease the atmosphere so as to energize you... this is when BRUNCH comes in handy. Try, enjoy and see yourself becoming a Bruncher!